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  • Prehistoric Sites
    Near Girvan, KA26 0HN
    Dowhill (pronounced doo hill) Hill sits at 518ft (157m) above sea level and is the site of an ancient fort. It can be reached from the Dowhill Walk...
  • Prehistoric Sites
    Near Pinmore, KA26 0HX
    One of the most impressive medieval earthworks in Scotland, its defences consists of two massive 4 metre deep ditches. It can be reached via the&nb...
  • Prehistoric Sites
    Near Maybole
    On Kildoon Hill not far from Maybole there is a fine example of a prehistoric fort beside the monument to Sir Charles Fergusson of Kilkerran. These...
  • Prehistoric Sites
    Near Dailly, KA26 9RH
    On the summit of Maxwellston Hill lie the remains of a pictish fort. All that is left of this prehistoric site is two ramparts and two ditches. It ...