Carrick Festival of Light 2013

Sat 02 Nov 2013 to Sat 02 Nov 2013


The festival of light project has its roots in the traditional bonfire night celebrations and the Celtic fire festival it replaced. Born of a desire to transform the night from one of bangs,  flashes and crashes into one of shared  community celebration; bringing some light  into peoples lives  through the  lanterns  created by the children involved in the lantern workshops.

 After six weeks of  schools and community lantern workshops the lantern makers of Carrick unite, the drums roll and the ever spectacular free flowing river of light begins to snake its way shoreward through the lined streets of Girvan leaving smiles, dragging all in its wake.

At  the shorefront the  lantern procession  merges with the waiting crowd, the drums slow to a heart beat and  CRAGs  arts team transform the shorefront  with light , fire, dance and music in a festival finale performance spectacular.  As the biggest community arts project in the west of  Scotland comes to a close the  night skies erupt for the bombastic, fantastic  fireworks display. The legacy smiles on faces and the question what are we doing next year??

Ten years  old  this year the  Lantern Festival attracts up to 400 lantern makers  7000 willow rods 3500 mtres of  masking tape and workshops running  from Dunure in the north to Barrhill in the south.  10  years of lantern making  in Carrick 10 years of the largest annual community arts  project  in the south west of  Scotland and 10 years of  dragons and rocket ships , star  systems and windmills , vampire haggis and Tam o Shanter, wending their way through  the town to the pulsating south American rhythms of samba.

The carousel spins  and in 2013 CRAG will celebrate the  seaside fairgrounds of the past , helter-skelter and the fairground carousels, dodgems and sideshows  will come to life in  a  parade of light  and sound the like of which has never been seen in the west, transforming Girvan and its shorefront for one night only  into a fairground extravaganza with  music, light ,and lanterns.

Roll up, roll up for one night only,  all  the fun of the fair

Roll up, roll up if you dare, with Wurlitzer and waltzer ozone crackle in the air

Roll up, roll up for  twinkling lights, candyfloss twirl, swirling music  and spinning head

Roll up, roll up for laughter and romance dark corners shadows and whispers secret dread

Roll up, roll up  for horses, boats  and planes birling around and around to kaleidoscopic sounds

Roll up, roll up for Faces and places,  the carousel dream, rocket diving earthward, frightened teenage sssssssscream..

Roll up, roll up for Carnivals and carousels, Carrick Festival of light 2013 memories and moments  helter skelter dream

Lantern Workshops September - October

Come and get with it with a withy and make your own lantern  for the 10th Carrick  Festival of  Light Carnivals and Carousels 2013 .  Full instruction given and all materials provided , open to  lantern makers of all ages .  Old clothes should be worn. The 2013  workshop programme is being  finalised so watch this Space or phone 01465 715621  contact

Saturday 2nd November

6.10pm  Lanterns Lit  Glendoune  Centre Piedmont Road Girvan

6.30pm  Lantern Procession start  Glendoune  Centre Piedmont Road Girvan

7.00pm  Carnivals and Carousels  Finale Performance  Louisa Drive  Shorefront Girvan 

7.30pm Fireworks  Louisa Drive  Shorefront Girvan

For more information contact the Carrick Rural Arts Group

26 Hamilton Street
KA26 9EY
01465 715621

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