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Lindsayston Walk

Dailly town centre, KA26 9SB

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Start: Dailly town centre, KA26 9SB
End: Daily town centre, KA26 9SB
Distance: 2.75 miles (4.5km)

Download map, route of path also available from: http://www.ayrshirepaths.org.uk/walkdailly.htm  (Created by Ayrshire Paths) (Green path on map)

Lindsayston Walk at Dailly 4.5km. Path Marker Symbol: Curling stone, the walk passes the old curling pond. Leaving the village the route through Lindsayston Wood follows the burn. A series of delightful waterfalls and pools makes this an enchanting secluded place. A rustic seat carved out of local oak from Kilkerran Estate is sited at a particularly beautiful spot overlooking the tumbling waters. It is a delight to walk along the woodland path and like other walks around Dailly is a sanctuary for wildlife. If you are lucky you may see heron and dippers feeding in the burn.

The route continues along a section of the unclassified hill road to Barr where on the left by the roadside you can see a small sandstone memorial which is inscribed "Dr C". It is not known who Doctor C was but local tradition has it that he was a Doctor from Maybole who was killed at this spot, when thrown from his horse, whilst returning from visiting an outlying patient. An interesting relic of a bygone age can be seen at the junction of the track to Balcamie. In the woods beside the burn are the remains of the old waulkmill at Gettybeg. This mill, powered by water from the burn was used in a process to make heavier and more compact cloth through shrinking and beating. Sadly the waterwheel has long gone. Returning along an attractive narrow track past Balcamie Farm on the right is the site of the old curling pond now filled in.