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Kilgrammie Walk

Dailly town centre, KA26 9SB

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Start: Dailly town centre, KA26 9SB
End: Daily town centre, KA26 9SB
Distance: 4.4 miles (7.5km)

Download map, route of path also available from: http://www.ayrshirepaths.org.uk/walkdailly.htm  (Created by Ayrshire Paths) (Blue path on map)

Kilgrammie Walk at Dailly 7.5km. Path Marker Symbol: Jock Tamson`s Bairns. John Thomson the originator of the saying "They're all Jock Tamson's Bairns" was born in Dailly. This walk has many associations with the coal mining industry of a bygone era.

Walking through Kilgrammie, little is evident of that life as new woodland has obscured nearly all traces. An attractive walk through conifers with the possibility of seeing wildlife, roe deer, squirrel, sparrow hawks and buzzard. Close by is the old Kilgrammie pit. This was the site where in 1835, John Brown a 66 year old collier was trapped in a pitfall and remained underground without food for 23 days and came out alive. Most had given John up for dead but several worked on as they thought they heard cries. When they eventually found a totally exhausted John Brown his words were "Boys oh but were a long time coming". One report says he would have been spared his ordeal had he not turned back to pick up his jacket as others fled the collapsing workings. Sadly John quietly expired three days later and his grave is to be found in the village churchyard. From the highest point of the woodland, pause and enjoy a lovely view down the Girvan Valley. A seat is positioned at this point for the walker's convenience. Continuing along the track, the circuit is now complete with the short stroll back into Dailly.